Studioblu - Agenzia di pubblicità a 360°  


"Harmony of shapes and ...

     strength of ideas"

Any company must create trust and attraction in its customer base for its own brand: this is the groundwork of all company communication.

We can take care both of the creation of new brands and the re-styling and repositioning of those already registered all over the world.


               corporate identity

We develop graphic solutions for any exigencies: corporate image, company paperwork, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, folders, labels, pictures, graphic layout, copy-writing…

We can supply the customer with the finished product choosing the most suitable medium, the right supplier, following with care all stages from pre-printing to digital printing.


  graphic design

Tridimensional graphics, functionality, ergonomics, innovation and thorough selection of materials and production technique.

Creativity in the graphic decoration of the packaging, in order to attract and fascinate customers’ minds.

The product meets the customer!                      packaging

Market analysis; colour and shapes are linked to the psychology of the target and to the product sector.


"Give life...

              to your pictures"

Through the choice and quality of pictures, we represent the reality of our customers. In strict collaboration with the best professionals, we follow the creation and production stages of pictures both with traditional and the innovative digital methods, in order to grant the best portrayal of your product.


From the analysis of your exigencies

           ... to targets definition.

Creation and paging of house-organs, newsletters, direct marketing actions. Press office: press releases, editorials on specialised magazines, press folders filing, photographic archive.

We propose you the advertising campaign which is best suited to your particular exigencies, selecting the best communication media.

As an agency, we can plan on any media (dailies, weeklies, monthlies, journals), but also billposting, radio, TV, cinema etc…


    P.O.P., display stands, signs, transport means ...

Infuse more strength to your message: crowners, display stands, corners, billboards, product displays, signs, transport means decoration, posters and banners.
Merchandising: promotional gadgets,  personalised clothing with embroidery or print


"We try to ...

            generate added value"


The fancy of choosing, using your senses…

The transformation of markets and the deep evolution of communication are imposing new and sophisticated instruments. The multimedia area represents an indispensable ingredient of our proposal that integrates traditional and new media


Multimedia devices

Catalogues, PDFs, CD-ROMs, CD cards

Industrial movies on VHS or DVD, product launch movies, didactic movies for commercial training in foreign languages, instruction manuals on video. Video-clips. Digital catalogues on CD-ROM.

Creative direction, copying, PC graphic illustrations, music, soundtrack and special effects, editing. All those services are offered in collaboration with local studios.


The Internet

Any communication strategy must be co-ordinated in order to be effective.

We offer creative solution on the Internet for corporate  communication. On line news. Video on web.

Can we invite you to visit us? You just need to click…


"Take off with us ...

        a great event is unforgettable"


For the global management of any events, we can count on a tested experience and on professional structures for the organisation of national and international events.

Happenings: exhibitions, theme nights, events and sports sponsorships. Famous anchormen, various entertainment.

Business events: congresses, workshops, incentives, sales meeting organisation, commercial and technical training days.


Nothing is more important

                             than make your activity well-known ...

    to consolidate and promote your products


The trade fair: company image.

Creation and production of booths with personalised finishing, material certifications, hostesses, promoters etc… We can follow all production, mounting and finishing stages, both in Italy and abroad.



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